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Northshore Technical Community College

Registration Information

Eligibility For Admission
A first-time freshman is a student who has not previously attended Northshore Technical Community College or any other regionally accredited institution of higher education or has earned less than twelve hours. Such a student is eligible for regular admission at the College if he/she is:

  • A graduate of a school or secondary education approved by the state Department of Education,
  • A non-high school graduate who is at least 17 years of age and who has passed the General Education Diploma (GED) Examination or has the Ability to Benefit (ATB) as mandated by the LTC Region 9, Student Affairs Office’ Ability to Benefit Policy.
  • Currently enrolled high school students who are at least 16 years of age, with the permission of the high school, may concurrently enroll at a technical college campus.

Admission to all programs in the region will be made without regard to race, religion, national origin, sex, or disability.

A high school diploma or high school equivalency diploma (GED) is a requirement for admission into Practical Nursing, EMT-Basic, Barber Styling and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree programs. Students enrolling in the Barber Styling and the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) – basic programs must be 18 years of age to take the applicable state Board and National Registry examinations.

All students must have a copy of their high school transcript on file if they graduated from high school prior to May 2003 (Louisiana residents only) or have GED scores mailed from their high school. Transcripts for Louisiana residents who graduated after 2003 will be retrieved electronically. All other transcripts must be mailed directly from the high school. Hand delivered or faxed copies will not be accepted.

Application For Admission
Interested persons may apply for admission online or in person at each campus location.

Application for Admission – Choose this application for admission into degree seeking programs and credit hour courses.

Additional application forms can be downloaded in a pdf format. 
Dual Enrollment Application for Admission - High School students attending local schools can concurrently enroll in a college course.

Non-Credit Application for Admission – Choose this form for admission for non-degree seeking and non-credit hour courses.

Admission Procedures

  1. Applicants for all programs must complete an application for admission and receive a COMPASS testing schedule. Students between the ages of 18 and 24 must submit recent (fewer than three years old) ACT scores. All other students must take the COMPASS placement test (see below).
  2. Applicants must take the COMPASS placement test on the scheduled date ($15 fee, non-refundable). A placement test score is required for entrance to all Certificate of Technical Studies, Diploma, and Associate Degree programs. The purpose of the test is to assist the applicant in personal career/occupational planning. Due to statewide use of COMPASS, scores may be transferred from other state technical colleges in the Louisiana Technical College System. Requests for scores must be made through the Student Affairs Office at each campus.
  3. Applicants for all programs must present proof of Louisiana residency with one of the following documents:
    • Louisiana driver’s license
    • Louisiana voter registration
    • Louisiana vehicle registration
    • Louisiana income tax return
  4. Test results will be available through the Student Affairs Office.
  5. Applicants who do not make the recommended minimum scores on COMPASS, ASSET, or ACT may be admitted provisionally with the requirement that they enter Developmental Education for remediation. The Barber/Styling, Practical Nursing Program, EMT Program, and Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degree programs do require minimum scores prior to enrollment.


Career counseling is offered to all applicants through the Student Affairs Office. Upon submission of application and placement testing, each applicant is counseled concerning test results and programs offered at the college to ensure each student is placed in an occupational program compatible with individual aptitudes and interests and one that will lead to successful completion. During this initial interview, the Student Affairs Office also provides the applicant with information on costs (tuition, registration fee, books, supplies, etc.) and sources of student financial aid.

Other counseling services are available to students. Students occasionally have problems with which they need assistance. These problems may include uncertainty of vocational choice, poor grades, lack of ability to concentrate, poor study habits, financial aid, family or social situation, appraisal of one's ability to plan future education, etc. Short-term counseling is available to all students and when warranted, students are referred to an outside agency for long-term counseling needs.

Students should also consider their instructors a valuable source of occupational advising.


Students are enrolled on a first-come, first-served basis according to date of application. In the event a department has a full student load, the applicant is placed on a waiting list and is called for admission in order of the date of application.

For more information see our catalog and handbook or contact the Student Affairs Office at a campus in your area.

Student Affairs Offices:

Sullivan Main Campus
Florida Parishes Branch Campus 
Hammond Area Branch Campus