Administrative Unit Plans

The Administrative Unit Planning process ensures that administrative and support unit objectives are continuously assessed and provides a mechanism for alignment of unit initiatives with the college strategic plan. The college’s strategic plan goals are assigned to divisions and provide evidence that institutional level planning and assessment permeates the institution, in that, all units of the institution engage in institutional planning by developing unit outcomes/objectives and assessing achievement of these outcomes/objectives by analyzing and evaluating the results and using those results for division improvement. Thereafter, the results are funneled upwards to assess overall institutional improvement.

Administrative Unit Plan Process:

Each unit within the college articulates its own goals and objectives and/or student learning outcomes based on the college’s goals and/or priorities and indicators of institutional effectiveness and/or vital signs. Each planning unit (1) implements its unit goals; (2) measures the extent to which it achieved the stated goals (objectives and outcomes) on a regular basis; (3) analyzes the results/findings and, (4) describes how the results/findings were/are being used for institutional and/or program/service level improvements. These unit level activities are then fed back into the institutional level analysis for institutional level continuous, measured quality improvement. 

NTCC uses its strategic goals assignment and the unit assessment reports submitted by divisions/units as a barometer for measuring how well the college is accomplishing its set goals and objectives/outcomes in fulfilling its institutional mission. The process is described below:

  1. Each college unit completes and submits an Administrative Unit Assessment Plan which documents two separate unit outcome plans tied to objectives in the College Strategic Plan.
  2. A formative assessment report is submitted at the completion of the first year of the cycle which documents progress and provides a status update (July/August).
  3. At the end of the full two-year assessment cycle (July/August), the college units submit a summative assessment report which documents activities related to the plan, provides a narrative on outcome progress, and documents evidence.
  4. Results are reviewed and documented by the Office of Accreditation and Reporting, submitted to the College Leadership Committee for review, and made available on the college website.

Folding It All (Moving) Up to the Institutional Level

All these plans and reports from each college unit are subsequently submitted to the Office of Accreditation and Reporting for review and analysis. Any necessary review comments are communicated to the divisions/units by the Office of Accreditation and Reporting, in tandem with the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Provost, for appropriate improvement. Any major findings and recommendations are sent to the College Leadership Committee for final review and/or institutional level improvement.