College & Career Transitions Overview

College and Career Transitions helps make connections between high school, college, business and industry. College and Career Transitions coordinators work to enhance the knowledge level about career and technical education opportunities available to secondary students at the postsecondary level through communication of career awareness, dual enrollment, articulation, professional development and collaboration.

In cooperation and collaboration with regional, state and local entities, our College and Career Transitions coordinators:

  • Assist in promoting links between secondary and postsecondary career and technical education programs
  • Place a greater emphasis on career guidance and development
  • Provide opportunities for students to obtain knowledge of high-skill, high-wage, high-demand occupations
  • Facilitate professional development opportunities for career and technical education teachers, postsecondary faculty and counselors related to career and technical education
  • Facilitate increased information sharing to counselors, teachers, students and parents regarding opportunities at the postsecondary level
  • Enhance and build partnerships with business and industry to support the development of programs of study in high-wage, high-skill and high demand occupations


  • Increased number of high school students dually enrolled in technical training courses
  • Increased career and technical education enrollment at the postsecondary level
  • Better informed students, counselors, teachers, faculty and staff regarding career and technical education opportunities and articulation
  • More involvement of business and industry in the development of high-skill, high-wage, and high-demand programs of study