Disabilities Services

Americans with Disabilities Policy

The main campus and branch campuses of Northshore Technical Community College actively recruit prospective qualified students, including those with disabilities. Title I and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act are strictly adhered to; and the campus will make reasonable alterations in facilities, services, policies, and practices in order that qualified individuals with disabilities may have access to both employment and training. Each campus has a designated ADA/504 Coordinator.

The ADA coordinators are as follows:

Christy Montgomery - ADA Coordinator

Sullivan Main Campus
Remy Williams - ADA Representative
Phone:  (985)732-6640 ext 130

Florida Parishes Branch Campus
Kim Finch - ADA Representative
Phone:  (225)222-4251 ext 2110

Lacombe Campus
Sandy Yaeger - ADA Representative
Phone:  (985) 545-1246

Hammond Area Branch Campus
Beth Froeba - ADA Representative
Phone: (985)543-4120 ext 137

Southeastern Instruction Service Center
Connect to Success

April Lavergne - ADA Representative
Phone:  (985) 549-5142