Veterans Benefits

Veterans attending Northshore Technical Community College may be eligible to receive benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs when pursuing a degree program. To be eligible for benefits, your classes must apply to one of the approved programs of study at NTCC. You must be enrolled in 12 credits to receive full benefits, but can receive a percentage of benefits for less than 12 credits. Review the content below for additional information.


Review one of the checklists below for step-by-step information about applying for veterans benefits.

How to Apply:

New Students

Choose a program of study and register for classes.

  1. Order your military transcripts/academic transcripts and request evaluation
  2. Apply for your Veterans Benefits (first use of benefits) OR complete a “Request for Change of Program or Place of Training – Form 22-1995 (if you have previously used benefits at another school)
  3. Submit the following documents as soon as possible to the Office of Student Financial Assistance:

Continuing Students

  1. Register for classes
  2. Submit the following documents as soon as possible to NTCC’s Financial Aid Office:
  3. When ALL documents are submitted to the Office of Student Financial Assistance or at any of our campus locations, we will certify your application via the Veteran Affairs Online Certification of Enrollment System (VA-ONCE).

Veteran's Responsibilities: 

As a recipient of Veterans Education Benefits, you are responsible for the following:

  • Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress toward my educational degree
  • Notify the Office of Student Financial Aid Assistance of any class changes or Withdrawals. Failure to do so may result in termination of benefits and possibly having to repay initial VA Educational monthly awards
  • Enrolled in an approved program of study that leads to a degree or certificate and have all prior transcripts on file with Northshore Technical Community College.
  • Provide a degree audit along with a Request for VA Education Benefits Request Form for every semester that you register for classes and wish to receive benefits.
  • Understand that your will not be paid for courses previously passed at NTCC or other institutions. The Department of Veteran's will not pay for the repeat of satisfactorily completed courses (grades of A, B, C), except under special circumstances.

Types of Veterans Benefits: 

Additional Resources:

  • 888-442-4551 – GI Bill Customer Service Line
  • 877-823-2378 – GI Bill Enrollment Verification Line

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