Teaching and Learning Center for NTCC staff

The Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) is the central point for access for training and professional development at Northshore Technical Community College for faculty and staff. The Center falls under the Academic Affairs Division and is co-managed by the Planning and Academic Initiatives Office and Library Services.

Return to Learn Conversation:

View a special message from Dr. William Wainwright (Chancellor) and Dr. Daniel Roberts (Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs) on planning to "Return to Learn" this fall in the video below:

Training Series and Schedule:

Coffee Break with the TLC

Coffee Break is a college-wide series designed to deliver relevent training and conversation in short 30-minute blocks. Sessions will be held virtually on the Teams platform. Each workshop will include a short presentation and time for Q&A. Grab a cup of coffee in your favorite mug and join your colleagues on the Teams platform. Click here to visit the Coffee Break webpage.

Tech Tuesdays

Join the TLC on scheduled workshops on Tuesdays throughout the year for a focused training on technology utilized in the office and in the classroom at NTCC. Each workshop will run approximately 45 minutes in length and will include a Q&A session. Click here to visit the Tech Tuesday webpage.

Upcoming Training Schedule:

We’re sorry, no events were found for this calendar.

Trainings, Courses, and Resources

View training courses, materials and resources available to NTCC faculty and staff by category below:

The Center uses LinkedIn Learning as a primary platform for online training courses. Courses connected to LinkedIn Learning will be identified with |LL|. Special steps are required to access LinkedIn Learning for the first time as an NTCC employee. Be sure to follow both steps below to ensure a easy transition into the LinkedIn Learning Platform:

Step 1: Use the link below and log-in by using your full NTCC email address and email password credentials:

Click here to log-in with your NTCC credentials: https://lnkd.in/dWYdy_2

Step 2: After entering your NTCC credentials, you will be sent to a page that asks you to connect your LinkedIn account to Linkedin Learning. You can do this by entering your LinkedIn account credentials. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, you should be given an option to proceed without connecting your account. 

For an overview of LinkedIn Learning, watch the How to Use LinkedIn Learning course

Faculty Trainings & Resources

Faculty-specific content currently available in the Center is listed below.

Information and training resources related to Faculty Advising is available on the TLC's Faculty Advising webpage.

Information and training resources related to Online Learning is available on the TLC's Online Instruction and Canvas webpage.

Resources are listed below to support new NTCC faculty members with the onboarding process.

First Semester | Complete each of the following:

Second Semester | Choose three of the following training sessions:

Third Semester | Complete all three of the following:

Fourth Semester | Choose three of the following:

Staff/Employee Resources

The following catalog of content is currently available for faculty and staff to use in the LinkedIn Learning platform:

Information and training resources related to topics including stress management, coping with change, relisience, and self-care are available on the TLC's  Self-Care and Resilience webpage.

Note: |LL| identifies training courses available on the LinkedIn Learning platform.

Administrative Trainings & Resources

The following administrative trainings are available for NTCC employees, by department/unit:

Access to information related to risk management topic including safety, hazards, and harrassment are accessible on the NTCC intranet through the following link:

Trainings and resources related to Finance topics are available below:

Trainings and resources related to Human Resources topics are available below:

Access to information related to technology support is available at the following link:

Trainings and resources related to Student Affairs topics are available below: