Overview of Faculty Senate

Welcome to Northshore Technical Community College! NTCC provides a variety of learning opportunities for students offering academic, technical and career paths by a committed faculty and staff focused on student success. Students may embrace learning through online, face-to-face, and industry based experiences.

As the Faculty Senate President, I am proud to serve with a dedicated group of professionals that are committed to serving students in multiple ways. Faculty at NTCC develop professional relationships with students, offering a formal advising program that focuses on student retention, successful program completion, course selections, and support services. These dedicated professionals assist students in multiple ways to help them meet their short term and long term goals both inside and outside the classroom.

Through the faculty senate organization, faculty ideas are generated and suggestions are expressed to work towards continuous improvement of our community and learning institution. Senate representatives represent each of our campuses and meet regularly to ensure open communication, continuous reflection, and growth.

As we move forward in providing excellent educational opportunities while targeting the needs of faculty, students, and industry, let’s all join forces for positive growth of Northshore Technical Community College!

Dr. Lizette Leader
Faculty Senate President