The Power of One Fuels the Power of Everyone: A Message from the Chancellor

The Power of One Fuels the Power of Everyone

With a college mission centered on building communities, equality is fundamental to the work of Northshore Technical Community College. While we work together as a nation and community to listen, understand and unite our voices surrounding injustices, we must be reminded that respect for life and dignity afforded to all are the common threads that unite the fabric of our communities. Beginning a new semester, living within pandemic and uncertainty, I ask that as a college community, we come together to value one another, respect differences, and strengthen humanity by demonstrating service to others in need.  

The successful completion of an education and a vocation celebrates graduates and empowers them to make a meaningful impact in their communities while leaving a lasting legacy on society. While we watch injustices within our nation and around the globe, we are reminded that the power of one fuels the power of everyone, and racism and discrimination have no place in advancing society. I look forward to engaging with our students, faculty, and staff this semester as we work together to rebuild our communities, our economy, and our lives during these trying times.

As a student body, please know your voices matter. We encourage you to take advantage of student life activities that educate, communicate, and drive positive change. Thank you for choosing Northshore Technical Community College and building your future with us.


William S. Wainwright