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Return to Learning Post Hurricane Ida - Faculty & Staff

Return to Learning Post Hurricane Ida - Faculty & Staff

Dear College Faculty & Staff,

We sincerely hope you and your families continue to recover from the devastating impacts of Hurricane Ida.  Please visit our website for additional information regarding resources to support your recovery.  Below you’ll find the official NTCC guidance associated with returning to work, teaching and learning effective Monday, September 13, 2021. 

Return to Teaching & Learning:  The chart listed below identifies dates associated with the return to teaching and learning. 

Virtual classes can be a combination of modes.  You are welcome to communicate with students via Canvas, MyLab software, or NTCC email addresses.  The main focus next week for virtual learning should be communicating with students and getting them to engage with you and the class. Any assignments sent to students (e.g. Canvas, NTCC email) should accommodate students who are unable to return at this time.  The only exception is that there should not be synchronous virtual lectures next week.  Any virtual lectures should be pre-recorded (can be recordings produced during the pandemic) and posted to Canvas, MyLab software, or NTCC emails. 

Show No Show reminder:  Faculty need to complete their show no show reporting by noon on September 15.  If a student was a show prior to Hurricane Ida, they are a show in your course.  If they were not a show prior to Hurricane Ida and are still a no show after Hurricane Ida, then the student should be marked No Show. 

Academic Calendar reminder:  Faculty need to work with their respective Associate Provost to ensure your programmatic contact hours are being met this fall.  We have added two class days (November 22 and November 23) to Thanksgiving week.  The semester will retain its final day of December 10. 

Faculty & Staff:  We understand some of you are dealing with particular hardships related to Hurricane Ida. Should you be in a position where you cannot report to duty in the capacity required by your campus on Monday, September 13, please contact your Dean of Campus Administration prior to Monday, September 13 at 8:00 am so that appropriate procedures are followed regarding your unique circumstance.

Daniel Roberts, PhD
Provost & Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs
Northshore Technical Community College
65556 Centerpoint Blvd.
Lacombe, LA 70445
(985) 545-1242 Office

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