Open Campus - MA Dual Enrollment

Welcome MA Dual Enrollment Students:

The faculty at Northshore Technical Community College hope this finds you all well and responsibly exercising good hand and respiratory hygiene practices and social distancing. In an effort to keep the learning process on track and make your certification testing successful NTCC is offering you the ability to continue this program online.

Instructor Contact:

Your instructor has or will be reaching out to each student to explain where they are in the program and the expectations required to complete the program successfully.

Your instructor can be contacted via the email address below:

  • or

Classroom & Lab Hours

For all students who are still in need of didactic (Classroom/Lab hours) training: (Chapters):

  • Your instructor will inform you where to start this week and how to submit completed work, so that your participation and ongoing education is recorded as proof of continued learning.  

Program Completion

Your success is up to you and your ability to work hard to accomplish and complete this program on time.  Your instructor will be available to help you through this process, so reach out as needed.

Thank you!


Ms. Winters’ Dual Enrollment Medical Assistant Online Class

On March 25, 2020 I invited all students to join a Zoom Meeting to provide the outline plans for moving the class online.

Please remember I will schedule ZOOM MEETING Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 1230-1430.

Communication during this time is Extremely important. If you are experiencing any issues with joining or registering into Pearson, you need to notify me during working hours 0730-1430 in order to assist with any technical issues you may have.

All students must Log into Pearson. All the instructions were provided the Group Text and the email address each of you had provided.

Effective 03/26/2020 All students must be registered into Pearson My Lab.

I have assigned work for the following Chapters 51-53 in Pearson

The assignments have a due date and time. I WILL NOT ACCEPT LATE SUBMISSIONS.

03/27/2020 –Assignment and Due date 03/30/2020

Read Chapter 54:  pages 1323-1356

  Complete Workbook pgs:  639-649.

03/30/2020—Join the Zoom Meeting (you will receive invite with time between 12:30-1430). Discussion on Chapter 54. I will demonstrate injection techniques.

Pearson assignments will be assigned with due dates on for 04/01/20

04/01/2020- Assignment Watch Videos (I will notify you how to view).

Assignments from videos will be assigned through Pearson with Due date and time.

04/02/2020—Pending update regarding return demonstration

04/03/2020—Hopefully moving forward until reaming chapters completed use of Pearson for most of Online Assignments.

04/06/2020—Join Zoom Meeting (I will send invite). Discussion on Chapter 55 Patient Education.  Update this week.