Gators Give Internal Giving Campaign

5th annual internal giving campaign


2019 march madness

Northshore Technical Community College tips off its 5th Annual Gators Give Internal Giving Campaign on March 1, 2019! This month-long campaign ensures that students and our school community have the resources needed to succeed!

NTCC is the ONLY community college in the state to receive 100% participation and raise over $10,000 consecutively for the past two years! This monumental achievement is purely due to the steadfast commitment of all of the faculty and staff of NTCC!  Our institution talks the talk and walks the walk! 

So, what is the game plan? This year we will be competing as divisions. If we achieve 100% giving as a college, our prize is the annual NTCC IGC Crawfish Boil! Throughout the month of March, you will have the opportunity to donate a minimum of $1 to support student scholarships, professional development, and highest college needs.

Here are your coaches and the bracket:

IGC march madness bracket

IGC March Madness Championship: Our overal goal is 100% by March 30th, but there are several games and prizes available during NTCC's March Madness! 

  • Game of G.A.T.O.R. - Friday, March 22 (streamed on Facebook Live)
    • Coaches will name their MVP to take part in the game.
    • First team to give 100% prior to March 22 will automatically receive a first-round bye into the championship round.
    • If your team gives 100% prior to March 22, your MVP will begin the game with no letters.
    • If your team does not reach 100% prior to March 22, your MVP will begin the game with 1 letter per 20% not given (for example, if only 60% of your team has given, your MVP will begin the game with "G.A.")
    • The winner of G.A.T.O.R will win bragging rights for one-year and a Gator Gear championship shirt for their ENTIRE team
  • The Coaches Free-Throw Challenge - Friday, March 22 (streamed on Facebook Live)
    • Each coach will get 10 free-throws ("Granny Shots" and "Sky Hooks" are encouraged).
    • Whoever makes the most free-throws will be crowned winner fo the Coaches Free-Throw Challenge (in the event of a "tie," the coaches in a tie will shoot another 10 free-throws until we have a winner).
    • The winning Coach will receive a Gator Gear polo shirt and the power to name the host campus for the Crawfish Boil (pending 100% Giving as a College!).
  • NTCC's Bracket Challenge - Wednesday, March 20
    • Everyone who gives to the IGC by Wednesday, March 20th, will receive an entry into NTCC's Bracket Challenge.
    • You must complete your bracket before midnight on Wednesday, March 20th. 
    • The NCAA tournament begins on Thursday, March 21. 
    • Points are awarded by correctly picking winners of each round: 
      • Round 1 - 1 pt
      • Round 2 - 2 pt
      • Sweet 16 - 4 pt
      • Elite 8 - 8 pt
      • Final 4 - 16 pt
      • Champion - 32 pt
    • The overall winnner of NTCC's Bracket Challenge will receive bragging rights and a Gator Gear item of their choice!

After your give your donation, each week that goes by increases your chances for a raffle draw of prizes on the day of the Crawfish Boil! 


Line up the to give: 

shoot for pledge form

shoot to give now!

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team." - Phil Jackson
Let's show how strong the faculty and staff at Northshore Technical Community College really is! Ready? Hands in. One..two...three...