Institutional Effectiveness

Northshore Technical Community College (NTCC) operates a comprehensive Institutional Effectiveness Plan that is systematic, broad and research-based, interrelated and appropriate to the NTCC mission, in that, all units of the college participate in ongoing annual planning and evaluation activities that culminate in an institutional level planning and evaluation process. Since 2014, NTCC has fostered a culture of evidence revolving around student learning outcomes and continuous improvement, and thereby shifting the focus from looking at what higher education institutions do and what they accomplish, to what students learn and ongoing ways to improve the institution. 

Beginning fall 2014, NTCC established an Institutional Effectiveness Plan. Institutional Effectiveness employs a college-wide systematic plan that ensures planning is focused on improvement of all programs and services, processes are continuous, and plans are implemented and evaluated with emphasis on continuing improvement. The institutional effectiveness plan and all related activities are coordinated and supervised by the Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.

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Annual Institutional Effectiveness Plans and Reports: