Program Review

NTCC's Program Review model includes assessment of student learning outcomes through the Program Assessment Planning process and comprehensive evaluation of program health through the Program Health Index. Each year, an annual report is published summarizing activity related to the Program Review process from the past academic year. The report is included below as well as detailed information for both the Program Assessment Planning and Program Health Index processes.

Program Assessment Planning

At NTCC, student achievement of learning outcomes is a key component of institutional effectiveness. Since fall 2014, educational programs at NTCC have developed student learning outcomes focused on programs that lead to improvement in student learning and operational efficiencies. Through the Program Assessment Planning process, each program of study develops and assesses outcomes and uses the results for improvements. The educational programs across all college locations engage in this systematic planning and evaluation process in order to promote institutional performance and accountability for continuous improvement toward the advancement and the fulfillment of the identified program-level student learning outcomes. Therefore, each planning unit sets its priorities for the year based on their core areas of responsibility and institutional priorities; then defines assessment measures and performance targets, and analyzes the results, which they use for the continuous improvement of their programs.

2018-2020 Program Assessment Plans by Division

In alignment with NILOA's Transparency Framework, NTCC ensures information related to the Program Assessment Planning process is openly communicated and assessment documentation is published in an accessible format internal and external stakeholders related to plans, activities, and results. A list of each assessment plan, along with measures and results, is provided below.

Note to Faculty and Administrators: Access to assessment measures and rubrics is available in the evidence room on the NTCC Intranet at the following link:

General Education:

Division of Academic Studies

Division of Health Sciences & Nursing

Division of Technical Studies

Assessment Cycles, Dates & Deadlines

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Program Health Index

NTCC assesses program performance through the Program Health Index (PHI) that is submitted to the Louisiana Technical and Community College System (LCTCS) annually. Program offerings are evaluated at least once every three years as it relates to relevancy, sustainability, effectiveness, and efficiency. Completed reports are reviewed at the system level and recommendations may be made to the college’s Chancellor based on the analyses conducted. This assessment supports decisions related to program continuation; modification; expansion; resource allocation; and/or program discontinuation.

Results from the 2018-2019 Program Health Index are provided in the annual Program Review Report.