NTCC Strategic Plan

NTCC's institution-wide planning and evaluation processes demonstrate that the Institution is effectively accomplishing its mission. NTCC's strategic planning takes place under the aegis of the college's mission and goal statements. As plans are made for the future, they are formulated with an eye towards the basic composition of the college, and are defined as an integrated and systematic set of decisions that charts the future course of the college and creates the institutional environment for the successful execution of the college’s mission. NTCC's Strategic Plan is at the core of the College’s institutional effectiveness plan.

College Strategic Plans:

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Overview of the Strategic Planning Process:

At the beginning of a strategic planning cycle, an outline of a new plan is formulated by the College Leadership Committee and reformed by the Associate Provost of Planning and Academic Initiatives and in collaboration with the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Provost. Next, the College Leadership Committee reviews the outline, and the plan is cooperatively finalized with input from the Executive Cabinet. The plan is then presented to the Chancellor for review and approval. Periodically, the plan is reviewed and updated annually by the Associate Provost of Planning and Academic Initiatives and the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and Provost, as necessary. If there are recommendations for a change, they are resubmitted to the Chancellor and the Executive Cabinet for review and approval, with input from the College Leadership Committee. Any such revision must reflect a broad vision of the future for the college in the years ahead.

At NTCC, the implementation of the College's Strategic Plan Goals is a shared endeavor. The implementation of the College's Strategic Plan is accomplished by assigning the plan’s strategic goals at the divisions/units level. Each division/unit develops goals and objectives/student learning outcomes, and then assesses how these outcomes are met.  Finally, each division/unit uses the evaluation of the results for continuous improvement and reports to the college administration where institutional level assessment takes place. The focus of this section is on planning and evaluation at the institutional level.

Each year, NTCC evaluates its strategic plan, evaluates results, and presents the plan to the College Leadership Team, Executive Cabinet, and College Advisory Committee. 

Archived Strategic Plans:

State Strategic (Operational) Plan

As a state agency, Northshore Technical Community College develops a five-year state-level strategic plan submitted to the Louisiana Office of Planning and Budget (OPB), as approved by the Louisiana Technical and Community College System (LCTCS). Objectives in the state strategic plan coincide with goals and initiatives within the College Strategic Plan. 

OPB Operational Plan:

Annual Reports: