Faculty Advising

The following information and resources are available to assist with managing faculty advising and Advising Week at NTCC.

Faculty Advising Binder

Each faculty advisor is provided with a Faculty Advising Binder that contains hand-outs related to the advising binder. You can also view these documents electronically, below:

General Advising Resources:

RegisterBlast Resources:
University Transfer Resources:

Faculty Advising Contacts

Faculty Advising and Advising Week are administered by the following contacts:

Paul Donaldson, Associate Provost of Planning and Academic Initiatives
Ph: 985-535-1261
Email: pauldonaldson@northshorecollege.edu

Dawn Brownlow, Faculty Advising Coordinator and Business Office Administration Instructor
Ph: 985-545-1645
Email: dawnbrownlow@northshorecollege.edu